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Dairy Farm Management

We offer Solution for our clients to get maximum return on their investments. We provide complete training for Starting and maintaining a successful dairy farm. We support Dairy farmers to Prepare Documentation and below facilities for bank loans.

Site Suitability, shed Design and Documentation

We provide complete infrastructure plan for a Dairy Farm – Shed Design and Layout, Documentations, Materials required etc.

Animal Selection

We support them in choosing best livestock’s which can provide maximum yields and also withstand climatic changes. We offer various options for our clients during animal selection, from low to high budget cows. We provide and cross breeds, useful for home and dairy business.

Maintenance of Dairy Animals

  • Usage of Milk machines.
  • Lactation Durations to get better quality and Quantity Yields.
  • Animal cleaning and other maintenance activities.

Dairy Cows Supplements management

  • Training on Food and water quantity and interval duration for dairy animals on all stages of cows – During and after pregnancy.
  • Water Supplements for getting maximum yields in quantity and quality.
  • Natural water supplements that increases the health of the cows at low cost.

Natural Fodder cultivation and Management

  • Training for using chaff cutters, fodder cultivation, manure management, water Sprinklers, Harvesting methods using Machines.

Disease Management

Vaccination on regular intervals would help to protect your animals from various diseases.

Human Resource Management for Dairy Farm

Based on the dairy farm size we suggest on the resource needs for better management.

Training for Insemination periods of Dairy cows

We provide training for insemination periods for Dairy cows and heifers; it can be done by both artificial and naturally ways. Timing and fodder techniques would be provided.

Similar facilities would be provided for animals. Feel free to reach us for further clarifications on new dairy farm management and documentations.

“Success Never Comes for Free; it requires hard work and smartness”

Olai Dairy Dealer is a Second generation Dairy animals, producer and dealer headquartered in Kongu Nadu interer southern region of Tamil Nadu (Karur), INDIA. We have been one of the best quality Traders in Livestock industry since 1975.

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